fredag 13 januari 2012

My Sweetest Busy Bee

(Written January, 11-13, 2012)

It is One Shape Grady
and it´s One Shady Grape
it is One Shapely Baby
and it´s One Lady Grade

it is Two Simple Questions
and it´s One Simple Truth
have you learned This Big Lesson?
will you go to Duluth?

will you walk Through The Havoc
with your Head Held Up High?
will you sleep In The Meadows
with some Bummer By Your Side?

let me guess: If You Meet Me
and I´m All Flesh And Bone
will you leave me And Deceive Me
on the Doorstep To Your Home?

guess the Plumber Is Knocking
to Get Rid Of Your Leak
If You Miss Me, Keep On Rocking
with your smile, Your Tongue In Cheek

since The End Of Last December
I´m As Free As Free Can Be
read my note, And Please Remember:
You´re My Sweetest Busy Bee

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