onsdag 25 januari 2012

Murdoch City

(Written 2012-01-25, 18.00-18.21. Slow country gospel.)

I have spent so much time in Murdoch City
In Murdoch City, can´t believe those things you see
Althogh Page Three girls are often very pretty
there´s resentment, there is anger within me

Since the Bells of today are eas´ly fading
and the deadlock of your mind is mighty queer
Murdoch´s mind, and his words, are so degrading
No-one shimmers, no-one sees and no-one hears

In the same year as you
went to walk on parole
In the same sense are we
gone astray
If the flicker and thunder
could reach down this hole
we could be just like one
day by day

I have spent all my dough to enterprises
that were evil though I thought they were OK
If you sing with me through these exercises
we´ll be free from Murdoch, he will go away

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