söndag 29 augusti 2010

Outdoor Jinx

(Written Sunday, August 29 till Tuesday, August 31.)

Mister Rudibanken, don´t you bring your love to town
because those strip joint ladies will only let you down
You will be moanin´ the blues
and you´ll be draggin´ your feet to the ground
that Be-Bop Lalena is bound to blow your mind
she will give you the shivers and she takes anything she can find
and when you are with her, you want to leave this world behind

Mister Rudibanken, don´t you grow that bigger smile
I´ve been watchin´ all your moves and I hate your lackluster style
Even a Kindergarten child
can see you´re evil and deceitful and futile
Mister Rudibanken, don´t you let your phony face grow long
everyone you know is gathered, and we´ll sing your Alma Mater song
and when the party well is over, you can take the plane to old Hong Kong

I don´t know what Grandpa thinks
Only know I had to pay a dozen drinks
Might as well be starting looking just like a sphinx
Baby, you´re my outdoor jinx

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