lördag 18 augusti 2012

Gulag Boy

On Friday, August 17, 2012, mr Putin´s tools sentenced three Pussy Riot members to two years prison each, for "huliganism".
Is mr Putin proud of himself?

(Those lyrics can be sung to melody Greensleeves)

dismay, disgust were the common words
that I always kept for that Gulag Boy
and you have slandered and killed my youth
for so long that I don´t know when

when mountains melt and when winds will blow
on the icy plains with that Gulag Boy
I´ll hide from darkness, I´ll keep my soul
far away from that Gulag Boy

Gulag Boy was an awkward kind
and Gulag Boy was like dead inside
no-body could face his soul
that was known but to that Gulag Boy

Words by Dennis Renfors
(To watch video with song "Gulag Boy", CLICK HERE!)

(To watch video with song "Free Pussy Riot", CLICK HERE!)

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