fredag 3 augusti 2012

Bill Doss of The Olivia Tremor Control Dead

I wrote about The Olivia Tremor Control in 1996 when you toured Sweden. You played outdoors on an island called Gotland. I really loved your music, and wrote about your album and the consert in the local paper, where I worked as a reporter.
On and off I have been thinking about visiting Bill and Will, which both I interviewed at the time - got that on video tape!
I really loved your band and you guys. Hope to see some of you again, if "only" as being one in the audience.
My deepest sympathy for Bill´s family and friends.

Best regards.

Dennis Renfors
Stockholm, Sweden
Bill Doss (1968 - July 30, 2012), far right, at Emmaboda Festival, Sweden 1998, August 7th. (Will Cullen Hart, far left.) The Olivia Tremor Control in consert. Photo by Dennis Renfors (Will try to find a high resolution file of this photo.)

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