onsdag 21 mars 2012

Weiblhurst (Written with Joakim Gullander)

(May, 3rd, 2012 evening 20.09-21.23.)

and I said bla bla, bla bla, bla
my name is Weiblhurst
my name is Weiblhurst

And I said bla bla, ta da, ba ba.
My name is something you can´t spell or pronounce,
to hell with the sound,
I´m left where you found
me next to the foun-
tain where I drowned.
If you were money, you still wouldn´t count.
My name is Weiblhurst, I read´n learn,
my brain is like put in a key and turn.
Unlock secrets that shouldn´t be disturbed.

My name is Weiblhurst,
I got a needle´n nurse,
I hang with feebles and nerds.
My name is Weiblhurst
I´m bullshit talking turd

Ich bin Herrn Weiblhurst
my German birds will burst
And to make matters worse
I soon will die of thirst
if I don´t steal your purse
and I say ”first things first”

I made a second choice
and now I´m with the boys
with English manners and toys
I´ll make a God damn noice
I´ll crash a new Rolls-Royce
and raise my Weiblhurst voice!

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