tisdag 29 november 2011

Slam Colosseum/Soul For the Lonely

(Written 2011-11-23 till 2011-11-28.)
the Slam Colosseum
Slam Colosseum
the Slam Colosseum
Slam Colosseum
Waitress Lisa is
and there ain´t no
time to hide

Mr Yellow Peperoni
where have you
misplaced my shoes?
Mr Yellow Peperoni
I´m so awkward
I´m havin´ the Blues
All the orphans are
now missing
and I can´t under-
stand the news


sing the jingle Yellow Bells
tell the stories, but
tell them well
One more step to
And those mistakes, don´t
make them twice

Mr Bojangles &
Mr Pep
Will you show me
the shivers?
Will you do


Stink Liberater
Stink Liberator
Stink Liberator
just go where Sir Henry
with all them seamsters
and them teamsters
you are bound to
search for Jericho

rift in the drifters
rift in the drifters
rift in the drifters
where did sweet Molly
upon those roses in
the sidewalk
are they reaching
out for Scapa Flow


Jemima sweet Surrender
was the Sweetest
of them all
fine white teeth
and oh so tender
kept my back up
to the wall

Many miles we have departed
Many days by now
are gone
If we know where
Lora started
we can simply
carry on


Soul for the Lonely
Soul gives me two times
Soul for the Lonely
the goddam
killing floor
when the hour soon
is burning
it´s too late for me
to close the door

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