fredag 18 november 2011

Bumpsteady Do

(Påbörjad 2011-11-04 klockan 21.20 när skakigt plan lyfte i mörkret från Barcelona. Klar 22.00.)

Bumpsteady do
the Lively Crew
Bumpsteady Lively Live

Somebody spoke
in the fire and smoke:
”Can you show me the
Moonlight Drive?”

Rocksteady Crew
we are stuck now like Glue
Rocksteady stuck in the sticks

Somebody gave
me the words: ”Just behave,
and on Friday you´ll get
your kicks”


Could there be someone
who sings
in Acapulco?
Could we meet in Daylight
just one
single day?

Could there be a lonesome soul
in setting Sun, my friend
When the silvery Moon has
turned to


Restless Farewell
in the end, well, well, well
Restless with wish in the well

Somebody went
to the Salvation Tent
where he told me:
”You´re heading for Hell”

Bumpsteady, do
you feel empty and Blue?
Bumpsteady, empty but true?

Somebody spoke:
”I was pulling a joke
and I´m sorry
I aimed it
at you”

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