tisdag 19 augusti 2014

Oral Sex Look/Ran Tan Tan-Tan Cliff

(Written 2014, March 25 till August 19)
hey Babe, don´t you give me that Oral Sex Look
hey Babe, I can read you like an open book
you never realized how big a toll it took
I should have known from start that you were 
nothing but a schmook
I wish that for just once
I could get off your hook 

I´m doin´ all of that Ran Tan Tan-Tan Tiff 
I´m doin´ gestures that can bring me my old spliff
they say that I denied that old ghost ridden ship
but I was sober, and I could not get that grip
cause if you teach me backwards on that golden golden trip
I will be free to get to Ran Tan Tan-Tan Cliff!

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