fredag 22 april 2011

Jacqueline Louise/Första furan kraft

(2011-01-21, 05.38 - 2011-04-20, 18.40)

if I go buy a ring
in that hot summer wind
will you pass it on
to Jacqueline Louise?

and if she is still around
and not buried in the ground
will you ask her
if she´s thinking about me?

if her eyes are still like gold
and her walk still strong and bold
will you tell those things?
it will please Jacqueline Louise

she deserved a better life
so she could not be my wife
did she ever get
any happiness from me?

there are moments
in the barroom
when the silence comes on so strong
then the freight train blows it´s whistle
and the partying is going on

there are crossroads
in your life-time
when just about anything could go wrong
when we shiver, when we tremble
we take cover in a honky tonk song:

för den första furan kraft
för den andra furan skaft
för den tredje virvlar löven
i den fröjd du aldrig haft

för den fjärde yxans sång
hammarslagen gång på gång
ingenstans kan det beslutas
om ett avsked på perrong

för den femte ömt farväl
för jag svälter snart ihjäl
för den sjätte krattas marken
i ett sällsamt växelspel

alla spåren leder hit
ingen kamp eller respit
alla akterna försvann, men
någon skrev med kritan vit:

if you find her a last
as a wink from the past
will you hand my ring
to Jacqueline Louise?

and if she is not around
but is buried in the ground
will you bury then
that ring right here with me?

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