torsdag 21 oktober 2010

Alderman Sign

(October 21-24, 2010, Waltz. For Swedish Poetry Slam pioneer Erkki Lappalainen 1946-2010. RIP.)

the truth of the day is I never died
I just fell asleep for a while
the day that the world stood still I cried
in the leaves by the Alderman Sign

somebody might say I was gone for too long
that I wasted my time nursing rhymes
but the truth is I chose every given song
for those few ´round the Alderman Sign

you young and you old, if you give it a thought
I was clean as a cloth on a line
I was forced to surrender the things I bought
all you see now is the Alderman Sign
come the day when you see I was free as a bird
I was lucky, and sorry and blue
when that Alderman Sign was my spot in this world
where the roses would cry over you

you rich and you poor, will you rest here a while
when the winds whisper gentle and kind?
when you rise up and walk for that further mile
you are leavin´ that Alderman Sign

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